This is for everyone who values running as a means to overcome any depths in life. There's always hope in despair and betterment at the end of the struggle. 

It's not only you

There's always light where there’s darkness

To those who suffered the greatest loss in face of the eternal unknown. To the ones who witnessed endless darkness and numbing fear. Who got hurt beyond repair and emotionally erased. In this domain we can be who we are, as we are filling the void.


Freunde Fürs Leben (Deutschland)

Freunde Fürs Leben e.V. educate and inform about suicide prevention and mental health. They offer a lot of self-help tools, as well as links to counselling centres close to you.

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Hope For The Day (International)

Hope For The Day strive to eliminate the highest risk factors of suicide through outreach, mental health education, and community action.

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