Sascha Kowalski (GER)

Sascha Kowalski (GER)

THIS is Sascha and I am running since summer 2012. I just came back to Germany long trip around the globe which took me 2 years. During those time of traveling I ate all kinds of junk food shit which blew me up like a marshmallow.
THAT was the reason why I started with running from begin with. I just wanted to loose weight. 

To stay motivated during training I singed up for the "Sportcheck Altstadt Lauf KÖLN" (26.07.2012). It was a 5k run through the Cologne City on a Thursday evening which I finished in 26:12 (or something like that; Who's keeping track of those things anyways?!) 

Being totally aware of who I was and what I was doing in THAT very moment, with burning lungs and heavy legs, I knew that THIS sport is something I wanted to follow up to. 

Only about 1 yr later I did my second Marathon which was the best race for me ever since. It was the Baldeneysee Marathon in Essen right around the corner of where I was living that time. I knew the course due to running there for training. It's a two times around a lake kind of runs and I did train like a possessed A-Hole. I finished that day in 2:57:09, slightly dreaming of a sub3 Marathon but realizing that it would be reachable that day at about 3k before the finish line. 

After that I wanted more. More milage. More challenge. And what I found was the UTMB. I qualified for the smaller CCC (100k) to run it in 2017. This event is so far my favorite. Words can not describe the spirit and Energie around Mt Blanc and ALL those runners AND supporters. Call it a big commercial pile of shit if u like BUT this is truly a special race which I ran with all my heart. 

It combined all the good, bad and ugly things in running. It's an emotional rollercoaster u will fall in love with, even thou there will be parts u do hate from the bottom of your heart. I needed about 20h to finish the CCC and it demand EVERYTHING I had. In the end it proofed though that impossible does not exist if u are supported by people that give it all they have "just" to make u keep going. 

One bad thing in running is that, as much as I love this activity, not every run is great. Just like in life where not every day is a fucking rainbow made of waffles. Running can dig up demons u feared since a little school boy and shows u the ugly truth of what u are made off. With the biggest mirror. BUT on the other hand u can learn and rise from this. 

Getting back to the greatest Brand there is which supported me from the very beginning of its journey in 2015. I remember one of the first shirts I got from Chris. The RUN PROUD back print. It showed me another side of running and got me thinking about appearance.

What I never changed thou was music in running. I only have it with me on long races likes 100k runs. It’s my parachute. I only use it when I am down and need to keep moving. I listen to Comeback Kid, Verse, American Nightmare but also to New Found Glory, Tanking back Sunday and A day to remember. But I don't have a top 5 list of running sings. Sorry 'bout that. 

I also don't have to 5 ever songs. But here are my top 5 in 2018 according to Spotify:

  • Can't Be Safed - Senses Fail 
  • Saturday Sunday - Transit
  • Duality - Slipknot
  • Fences - Knuckle Put 
  • Outro - M85

Finally. The food department. I like cereal before a race plus peanut butter/ jelly toast with loads of espresso.

The AFTERMATH is everything within reaching distance. Mostly something made off potatoes or a spinach pizza and CAKE to round things up. 

 My mantra in running AND eating: Always keep moving.