Return To Balance

Will & Power
Effort & Flow
Strain & Relief
Fear & Bravery
Stress & Recovery
Holding on & letting go
Anticipation & Patience
Going too far & falling short
What you say & what you do
Return to Balance until…

You are everything. And everything is you.

About this Collection

As we strive for harmony with ourselves, others and the world around us, we eventually return to balance.

Running is a giant part of this encompassing interdependence. She interconnects our physical well-being, emotional bliss, mental clarity and spiritual alignment. She creates self-awareness and mindfulness. She leads our way to clarity.

You are everything. And everything is you.

Running is an act of balance

It’s about effort and flow, strain and relief, stress and recovery. But also about holding on and letting go, anticipation and patience, going too far and falling short. After all, Balance is not something that you learn or find. You have to create your own until you are everything. And everything is you.