Runner in a Beyond the heat sleeveless shirt Runner in beyond the heat gear

Beyond The Heat

Über diese Kollektion

Beyond the Heat ist die Willpower Ultra Running Collection für das lange Laufen in der Hitze und darüber hinaus.

Sweat Surrender and Serenity

Sweat becomes an offering
As it mingles with the earth
Anointing the path ahead
Communion with a higher self
Transmuting the spirit
Through this divine trial
The consciousness expands
Merging with the eternal
The pounding heartbeats
A sacred mantra
Every breath drawn Is a prayer
Surrender to a higher power
Surrender to the heat

Heat is time not distance

The Heat leads the way. Destination unknown. Yet moving on ever so restless.

As blood turns to water, the day never turns to night. Blinded by the gleaming light. Feeling the heartbeat pounding in the head. As blood turns to water and then disappears.

Awoken in a blur. Embraced by ardor. You will find. Yes, you will find. Beyond the Heat.