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Run Tiil Death

Run Till Death

"Run Till Death" means to stay healthy and active until the day you die. It's about taking care of your body, nurturing your soul and striking a new path when feeling lost. 

"Run Till Death" T-Shirt (Limited Grey)
"Run Till Death" T-Shirt (Limited Grey)
"Run Till Death" T-Shirt (Limited Grey)
"Run Till Death" T-Shirt (Limited Grey)
"Run Till Death" T-Shirt (Limited Grey)
"Run Till Death" T-Shirt (Limited Grey)
"Run Till Death" T-Shirt (Limited Grey)
"Run Till Death" T-Shirt (Limited Grey)
"Run Till Death" T-Shirt (Limited Grey)
"Run Till Death" T-Shirt (Limited Grey)

"Run Till Death" T-Shirt (Limited Grey)

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Limited version of our infamous "Run Till Death" Athleisure T-Shirt.

  • Limited color combination (white & grey print on a dark grey textile)
  • Fully sustainable and fair traded
  • Made from 60% recycled pre-consumer cotton (organically grown) and 40% recycled post-consumer polyester
  • Fairwear and GOTS certified
  • 100% curelty free (PeTA-approved vegan)
  • Unisex cut for both male and female bodies
  • Made for running and chilling alike

The one thing that still holds true. This shirt looks and feels like cotton but dries almost as fast as polyester. There is absolutely no occasion where you can't wear this wonderful piece of garment. You love it. Everybody loves it.

This is a unisex t-shirt. Male model is 1.86 and wears medium (M). Female model is 1.74 and wears x-small (XS). 

Details / Größentabelle


1/2 Chest (a)

Body Length (b)


47.5 cm

66 cm


50 cm

68 cm


52.5 cm

71 cm


55.5 cm

73 cm


59 cm

75 cm


62 cm

77 cm

Unsere Produkte haben unterschiedliche Schnitte. Schaut auch vor dem Kauf immer die entsprechende Größentabelle und den Model-Hinweis in der Produktbeschreibung an.

Das Design

Inspiriert von der legendären Hardcore Band Chain Of Strength, bleiben wir unseren Design Prinzipien treu: schlicht und und deutlich.

Die Bedeutung

Der Berg spricht seine eigene Sprache. Du wirst ihn verstehen, wenn du bereit bist weniger zu reden. Mehr zuzuhören. Und loszulassen.

Die Items

Das Laufen im Berg verlangt nicht viel Equipment. Auf das was man jedoch mit bringt, muss man sich verlassen können. Nach diesem Grundsatz sind alle "Force Majeure" Artikel designed.

Run Till Death

The Story Behind

To those who didn’t grow up with hardcore music, the "Run Till Death" design and the words were both inspired by a Straight Edge Hardcore Band called Chain of Strength. They had a rather short run in the late 80s and early 90s and only released two 7inches and one Album, which were basically the same songs. Despite Chain of Strength’s short time of existence their impact on both the hardcore scene and the Straight Edge subculture were and still are immense. Similar to bands like Judge, Youth Of Today or 7 Seconds their outspokenness about living a clean and healthy life and their spirit-filled unbelievably positive music makes them highly relevant, even today. 

There was always one Chain of Strength song that stuck out: True Till Death. While dealing with the topic of Straight Edge being a lifetime decision and not just a passing phase, the deeper meaning is applicable to other life decisions as well. This is how we ended up using their iconic song title as inspiration for the slogan of one of our most impactful collections. Run Till Death.