Dressing With Attitude

We are one and one of a kind. The absence of color defines our style. We travel light and seek for simplicity. We run proud, we run with attitude and we will rise above.

That's it.

Common misconceptions about running clothing

Sweat is bad.

One of the biggest misconceptions of running is that sweat is a bad thing. It’s not. It’s a reward. It’s a proof of hard work and dedication. It’s an unmistakable sign of effort and willpower. Show it with pride. You can run in ANY cloths you feel like. It doest not have to be „technical“, breathable or quick-drying.

The lighter, the faster.

As long as you don’t run a marathon in 2:20h you most likely won’t feel much of a difference if your racing dress weights 200g or 800g in total. Whatever your wear when running at peak performance, it should be comfortable and spark joy. But the senseless arms race of dropping weight can be left to cyclists.

The tighter, the faster.

Compression is a lie. Running around constricted like a stuffed sausage will only do one thing to your running: It will make you look like an idiot. A head-to-toe ultra-tight bodysuit might charm your body shape, but it will definitely not enhance your running performance. Dare to dress relaxed.

Bring more stuff. Just in case.

Yes, it’s important to be well prepared. But that does not mean you have to gear up like an astronaut, when going for a run. Especially trail runners tend to overshoot the mark of what’s actually necessary to survive and what’s just totally exaggerated. If you don’t plan to climb (or ‚run‘, for that matter) Mount Everest, a small number of reliable cloths and gear will do. Embrace the concept of traveling light. You won’t regret it.

Neon Colors mean I am different.

No, they don’t. After all, most running clothing that is being sold is very colorful, so if you want to stick out from the mass, wearing black is more of a sure shot. However it’s not about the color of your shirt, but rather about your character. Show your attitude and let your personality outshine any crowd while wearing stuff you actually feel good in, instead of dressing up.

This is What We Believe in

In the end, every piece of clothing that makes you feel comfortable, strong, relaxed, confident or stylish is the right one. There is no right or wrong and fashion rules are made to be broken. However it should be YOU, who decides what to wear and not the mainstream sports industry.