Route of Samsara


The concept of Samsara is central to Buddhist philosophy, representing the endless cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth that all sentient beings go through. This cycle is visualized in the the samsara-chakra, the wheel of life. 

As runners, we can relate to this transformation in many ways. We experience birth, life, death and rebirth in micro cycles like races or daily workout routines and macro cycles like the progression of a training block, or suffering and coming back from an injury. In fact, our whole life as a runner underlies this never ending Route of Samsara. 

As we run, we suffer and we triumph, we explore the depths of our inner self, to transcend our perceived limitations.

We follow the Route of Samsara. 


Transcend the boundaries of the physical world


Leave behind the old, embrace the new, transform as you run


Life does not begin at birth, nor does it end at death