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RUNHUNDRED - Heart Versus Heat at Western States 100 (Book)

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Our founder Chris Z's debut book about his life-changing experience at the Western States Endurance Run. Willpower is an exclusive distribution partner for this book. Also check out our bundles.

  • Signed by the author
  • Format: Paperback
  • Size: 262 Pages
  • Release Date: 01.12.2023
  • Language: English
  • Color: Yes
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What's left when there's nothing left? 

Amid scorching heat and the Sierra Nevada wilderness, Chris Zehetleitner faces a profound question during his first 100-mile ultramarathon, the Western States En- durance Run: "What's left when there's nothing left?" 

Venturing into this grueling race, Chris discovers it can't be conquered through meticulous planning or a diligent physical preparation alone. While enduring the impossible, he realizes that he has to silence his mind and run with his heart. This revelation isn’t just a turning point in the race; it transformed his entire life. 

In his debut book, Runhundred, Chris Zehetleitner fearlessly opens up his soul and outspokenly shares his innermost thoughts and emotions from this life-changing experience. With unprecedented candor and authenticity, Runhundred stands apart from typical self-congratulatory runner tales or generic guidebooks. It's a genuine, grounded account of what ultrarunning truly means. Not just as a sport, but as a deep enrichment to life itself. 

This book also pays tribute to the oldest and most iconic 100-mile ultramarathon in the world and describes this exceptional race in great detail. The Western States Endurance Run has written countless gripping stories over the decades. This one is called Runhundred. 


"Western States is not just any race, it is THE race. Chris beautifully captures his highly emotional adventure in his own unique way. Authentically written, his book leaves you craving for more. Chris demonstrates how running can positively transform your life." – Luzia Buehler, 4th Woman at WSER 2022


"You might read this book and simply like it. However, you might as well shed some tears while reading this. Just like I did." – Henning Lenertz, Runner’s World Editor


"This is one of the few books on ultrarunning that I would truly consider a must read. It's thought provoking, well written, and most of all, inspiring. If you're not already an ultrarunner, Runhundred will probably make you one." – Christian Bruneß, former editor in chief of Laufzeit Magazine, Host of 'Vom Laufen Podcast'


"100 miles are long. Long enough to fill a book with one single run? But Chris abolished my doubts: this book is written by a levelhead but tells the story of a runner, who punk-heartedly reached the finish line of his dream-race." – Benni Bublak, Ultratrailrunner


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RUNHUNDRED - Heart Versus Heat at Western States 100 (Book)


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