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Runners United - Against War & Nationalism

Runners United - Against War & Nationalism

As the initial feeling of shock and disbelief is giving more and more way to anger and grief, we decided to take direct action with Willpower. During the last days we have worked on a campaign to help the people in Ukraine called "Runners United", which going online now.

You can from now on order the "Runners United Against War & Nationalism" Shirt. 25% of each sold shirt is donated to grassroots NGOs who offer direct and unbureaucratic support for the suffering population of Ukraine, especially those currently fleeing from their home country. 

We have set up a "Runners United" campaign landing page where you can find out more about the Charity Shirt and the donations: 

Usually we are trying to be not that "reactive", but an Anti-War / Anti-Nationalism campaign was in our minds already before the Ukraine war started. Although the current development in the heart of Europe affects us all very much, it is by far not the first time an aggressor invades an independent nation and brings fear and death to a guiltless population. That’s why this campaign is set up to last and to draw attention to military conflicts and humanitarian crisis around the world.

As history taught us many times, war is horror and it will get us nowhere. The root is either greed or nationalism, or both. 

Running is our sphere. That’s why we specifically address runners around the world to speak out loudly against war and nationalism. Let’s unite to spread awareness, help the oppressed and displaced and bring the warmongers to justice. 

We are runners united against war and nationalism.

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