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War is Horror

War is Horror

originally published in german language in the Willpower Circle Facebook Group

We are often asked at Willpower why we are commenting and taking a stand on so many political topics. Some runners seem to dislike this very much. They feedback us, that there's no place for politics in running and that they simply want to practice their sport without bothering about complex or tragic issues.

Simply practicing their sport... That's exactly what the people in Kiew, Luzk, Odessa, Cherson, Maripol, Kramatorsk and the rest of the Ukraine want to do as well. Instead they fear for the lives and their freedom and are somehow try to bring their families to safety. 

And that is exactly the point. Simply because some people are not able or willing to see beyond the end of their own noses, these problems are still existing. And the affected people are human beings, just like you and me. Runners who love to breathe the fresh air in the woods. Who fight their ways up a mountain and celebrate running it all the way down again. Who toe the line at the start of a big race, feeling that this is their moment to rise and shine. Short: who love running just as much as the rest of us.

At the moment it is hard to figure out what to do. We at Willpower think that it is most important to raise awareness for what is going on in Ukraine. Not to collect some likes on instagram or to show off how woke you are. But to counteract the massive disinformation campaign the Russian government has launched and to show the Ukrainian people that they are seen by the rest of the world. 

War is horror. Any time, any place. 

We are currently working on a fundraising campaign for the people of Ukraine. Especially those who are fleeing from their homes.

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