Website Relaunch - Find a bug and get 5€

Website Relaunch - Find a bug and get 5€

It's done. We have successfully relaunched the Willpower Onlinestore and everything is back up and running. Thanks for your patience!

Here's what's new:

  • Speed Speed Speed - The store is much faster than it used to be
  • Size Filters - We have added a new filter, that allows you to filter the whole store after one particular size 
  • Stock Alert - On the fly info on which items are going to be sold out soon 
  • Updated FAQ - We have added some more Q&As about all sorts of topics
  • Updated Product Pages - Uncluttered and better structured product detail pages
  • Updated Clothing Guide - The 'Which Shirt for What' Guide has been updated and translated
  • Translations - We have added and updated a good number of Translations into German
  • Core Values - We have added our core values to the "About" section
  • Gender Equality - Out of respect and acknowledgement of all genders, we have replaced the word "Women" for "Female"

Since an update is always a great source of bugs and errors, we offer a 5€ shopping voucher for everyone who finds and reports a bug on the website. This will help us tremendously and we want to show our appreciation for your help. Please use this contact form to send us your findings.

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